A man came to visit me

I had a visitor today.  He didn’t speak to me.  He just stood there in his black suit, staring at me.  How can you come to someone’s door and just stand there, waiting for the door to open.  No knock, no doorbell, nothing but him, standing on the other side of the front door waiting for someone inside to walk by and see him.  Which is what by accidental luck happened.  I was trying to find the cats and went looking in the bedroom, when I came back I saw his silouette through the glass in the door.  Freaky.

I keep my wedding sword sticking out of the sofa because I had a gut feeling some weirdo was going to come around sometime and I’d need to scare them off.  Plus, I day dream about epic battles I have with robbers, where at the end of it they are all beat up and I say something witty before tying them up and calling the police.  But this guy just stood there.  Even when I opened the door he just stood there.

Neither of us said anything at all, me with my sword, and him with his black suit, just standing there, wordless.  Then I shut the door, locked it, turned on the alarm and went back to my office and tried not to be obvious as I looked through the blinds to see him slowly walk down the driveway and around the corner and out of sight.


One Thought on “A man came to visit me

  1. Lori on June 24, 2010 at 7:11 pm said:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? Why didn’t you tell me about this? Or is this a story?

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