Alexander, the Acrobatic Worm

One day in the deep, deep soil lived an earth worm. His name was alexander but his mom called him Alex. He and his friend Daniel went to the circus. They did not have enough money to get in so they looked through a little hole in the tent. They saw little worms ride bikes with no hands. They saw little worms do back flips.

Alex said, “I can do better than that.” Then he did a backwards flip with a half turn.

Daniel said “Wow! That’s neat Alex. Let’s go home and show your mom.”

“Wow!” said Alex’s mom. “You should be in the circus.”

So he went to the circus with Daniel. Alex said that he wanted to be in the circus so he did a backflip with a half turn. They said “O.K.” So he went to the boss and showed him the flips.

That night at the circus Alex performed. He worked for one year and then got his paycheck for $1,000.00, then Alex retired.

Alex and his family lived happily ever after.

Written in elementary school – couldn’t find the date. This sounds exactly how I describe my dreams.

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