Boats and Knives

I was on a cruise boat a little while ago, for our honeymoon.  It definitely felt like a boat.  We we’re running into the walls and laughing like we were drunk, but we were sober as a seven year old.  And as giddy as one too.  So much Dramamine and the rocking, it shouldn’t have been but it was hilarious.

The crew must have been drunk though.  The boat was rocking so bad on the last night they had to cancel the show girls performance because it was too dangerous.  Personally I thought it would have made a great comedy act.  Instead of the girls, they sent out a variety act, whose primary skill (besides being funny) was juggling.  We were in the second row from a guy juggling an apple a bowling ball and a machete on a rocking boat.   Wonderful.  At least he is good at what he does.  He only had to repeat one of his magic tricks because I wasn’t clapping when he finished.

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