They always look for me

There was this lady (I say “was” but she still “is”, she just isn’t around me anymore so I think of her in the past tense). She wouldn’t stop looking at me. Why? I don’t know. Who would want to look at me? Her. But why? It’s really weird and annoying when they do that. People that is, both ladies and gents. There has to be a reason for someone to look at me right?

You know I bet her reason was cause she’s an alien and was investigating me for a sinister reason. Like because they think I’m the leader of the world or something. I bet that’s it. It wouldn’t be the first time an alien had thought I was the leader of the world. Actually, it’s happened so much that I bet it’s definitely the reason she was looking at me.

I should wear a sign that says “I’m not the leader of the world!”

I found what I was looking for too late

How sucky is it when you are looking for something for weeks, and then you go out and find a replacement and spend forty five minutes modifying the new thing to fit, and then finally get it all working, and then that night you open a drawer and right on top is what you needed in the first place.  It’s totally sucky, that’s how much sucky it is.

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