H-Mart is Super!

Yesterday we ventured into unknown territory, into the Super H-Mart!  It was awesome. It is an asian super market in Gwinnett. There were mushrooms that I’ve never seen (and can’t figure out how we could use them), tofu everywhere (they even make their own), vegetarian steak in a can, fish (alive and dead), some great Korean bread (Lori has brought some home from work before, it’s interestingly great).  We picked up a few things to try out, like sweet and spicy tofu, the aforementioned vegetarian steak in a can, and bean curd in a can.


Tonight we tried the bean curd in a can.  The smell was a bit weird at first, kind of like beer though so I gave it a shot.  But then Lori started stirring it in the pan and mentioned it was mushier than she expected.  I tried it, and it was like a bean paste.  I’ve ordered bean curd from Chinese restaurants before, but this isn’t what I got.  Somethings are a shot in the dark when you can’t read any of the words on the packaging.

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