I can hear them talkin

After a certain time of the day I swear my belly button becomes a radio antenna signal receiver of great strength.  It’s like a message is coming through to me from the middle of my body, and it’s in Spanish.  Maybe that’s why Lori doesn’t want to touch it . . .

She is weirded out when I try to adjust the signal with my finger, she hates it, but it is necessary, absolutely necessary.  Some things have to be done regardless of what others may think of you.  What if the message is important.  What if the universe is trying to communicate the old fashioned way, the first thing that ever connected me to somebody else, where i got my food and where the walkie talkie signals went through for telling my mom to stop moving so much while I was trying to sleep.

The updates must continue, you must all be made aware of whatever I uncover in my belly button, when I uncover it that is.

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