I don't like this experience

Trying to buy a house is stupid scary, hard, demented, nerve racking, badness and I don’t like it so much.

We have a great agent helping us out, showing us all the junk we find in our price range and not juding us for it.  But the other day we found THE house.  Not just A house, but THE house.  The one you can see yourself in, picture what it would be like to invite people over, envision the pitter patter of little hethen offspring running around.  And it’s (somewhat) in our price range.  That’s not the bad part so much, it’s that now that we found what we want we have to put an offer to the bank (current owner) along with a group of others.

So now that we found it and we’re putting in an offer we might hear back in a week to a month that they are going to give OUR house to someone else.  That’s rediculous.  It’s our house we just haven’t paid for it yet, they need to stop leading those other people on . . .

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