I have the pain, do you want some?

There are many things in life we take for granted, like the AC in the house, or the running water in the toilets, or the ability to eat without being in extremely large amounts of pain.  I get to be reminded of how awesome eating is quite regularly.

My mouth is in a constant state of flux, whether it’s acid eating at my gums and tearing my mouth into tiny bits of flesh that crunchy/salty/anything at all really can get into and wiggle around and cause me to tear up and throw things across the room, or just as simple as biting my lip which eventually turns into a soft fleshy cavern that attracts everything like a magnet and makes me wince and grit my teeth and eventually throw things across the room.

A few Saturdays ago I bit my lip while eating dinner, no big deal, happens to me all the time, maybe I’m just a clumsy eater, or have a fat mouth or something.  Fast forward to last Friday and I woke up with an eating disorder.  It took almost seven days for my lip to turn into an evil creature bent on destroying me and my perception of food.  Maybe the good part of my body is getting better at fighting off the bad part that wants to kill me, and that’s why it took so long, but really who knows.

We were watching that Dual Survival show with the woodsman and the hippy and they said something pretty cool, “Pain is weakness leaving the body”.  That translates for me to, “HA HA! Pretty soon I’ll be able to destroy the world!”

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