New Years . . . Accomplishments

I have been really busy and distracted lately, so much that we didn’t have enough time to get Christmas postcards printed this year. A true shame. But I want that to change. Maybe we’ll send them out in July next year.

For next year these are the things I want to accomplish:

  1. Create a new site for Dinosaur Vampire
  2. Add more posts to the site
  3. Buy a house
  4. Get an Invoice/Billing/Time Management tool in place (currently using an Excel spreadsheet)
  5. Go on a ghost hunt
  6. Cook new dishes
  7. Make more fun pictures
  8. Get our wedding tape onto DVD

I’m super excited about #5.  We’ve been watching a lot of ghost stuff lately (Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State), but Lori says she wouldn’t go on ghost hunt so I’ve got to find some other people that want to . . . any takers?  Anyone know of anywhere?  Or a professional/semi-pro group of people that let amateurs tag along?

A couple of things though, don’t run and scream like a pansy, and dust is not orbs.  The chicks on Ghost Hunters hear something then quietly go after it, the Ghost Adventures guys hear something and scream and run away.  Lame.  Plus Ghost Adventures thinks every sound on their recorder is an EVP, they are reaching too hard for some of those clips, not cool, stop it.

By the way, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is out on DVD today!

2 Thoughts on “New Years . . . Accomplishments

  1. More power to you.i have actually bookmarked it to show some of my friends

  2. Lori on March 1, 2010 at 2:42 pm said:

    HEY! Number 3 has been accomplished!

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