The communications are still coming in

My belly button signals were quiet for a little bit there, one of you guys out there must have been trying to block the waves coming at me.  My research turned up very little in the way of belly button communication theory, but there was one site that turned out to be a great resource.  Apparently evil people will put saran wrap in your mailbox as a dampener for any kind of signal that may try to communicate with a person/people in a house.  And not only by way of body holes, but even toes and hair folicles.

No saran wrap has turned up yet, but I’m sure it’s out there.  There are in fact forces that wish me to remain a bumbling idiot, and I would not put it past them to so something like keep me from enlightenment or whatever it is that’s happening to me.

Any one know of a way to block the saran wrap from blocking me from hearing the importance that is coming at me?  And aluminum foil blocks stuff like cosmic radiation and people from reading your mind and bugs from getting in your hair, and not so much boosting signals unless it’s for an old tv or radio.

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