The Jungle Behind Our House

For the past few nights we have been awoken by the sounds of rustling leaves and the shrieks of birds. However, it seems, that when I go to the window I see nothing but the dark of night. That is until last night.

Last night as I made my way to the window I found that the moon was in a position to spread it’s light over the area behind our house. With this light I was able to see our cars – quiet and motionless – and the bamboo jungle. It was betwixt the sprouts of that jungle that I caught a glimpse of something. At first I took it as my mind playing tricks on me, but after a moment of patiently waiting I saw it again. A figure resembling a man had moved out of the chutes and then back again further down the line.

I say it resembled a man, but only in it’s generic shape. It stood on two legs and had arms that draped loosely down to it’s waist. But it’s skin was not like mine at all. It’s skin was tight and shiny and from the third story window where I was it appeared as though it was made of scales. The night was becoming morning, but I could not have been too out of it to mistake the object by it’s large uncovered feet for anything other than a tail.

My curiosity was definitely peaked and I had no other choice but to further investigate if I ever wished to get back to sleep anytime soon. So against Lori’s wishes, I put on my shoes and house coat and headed outside and down the driveway. In my haste to get outside I did not think to grab any blunt objects or general weapon. I was without protection, and completely unafraid.

As I neared the jungle of bamboo that sat in the gentle glow of the moon, a set of dark red orbs peered out at me through a patch of complete darkness. They bobbed slowly up and down. They were the creatures eyes and they were staring into me. The surprise of the piercing red paralyzed me for a moment, a short one. As I continued forward, no longer trying to keep quiet, the leaves rustled again and I heard it speak.

“Hey, what’s up man.”

I was paralyzed again. Well, more like dumbfounded to a stop. And from that stupor I managed to cough up the words “Nothin’ much.”

Suddenly the creature was out of the darkness of the bamboo and in the glow of the moon so that I could see him fully. He was about six feet tall and covered with scales like that of a lizard. His shoulders leaned forward on his frame creating a rather large hump on his back. There was no hostility in his voice or his actions, he was just a Lizard-Man who lives in the bamboo jungle behind our house.

We stood in the leaves for a few minutes, exchanging formalities, and becoming less un-knowledged about each other. His name is Steve and he lives between the bamboo because he is afraid of the giant birds that frequently come to eat him. Apparently giant birds are repulsed by bamboo and do not come near it. Time has escaped him and he is unable to determine how long he has called our jungle home, but I do not mind him being here at all. He is my new friend.



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