We went roller skating and now we are in pain

Friday night was our Friend Jill’s birthday at Sparkles, skating rink.  I love skating.  I even have my own pair of speed skates, somewhere. Just like most everything else, I had lost them.  Notice the use of the word “had” as now I “have” them.  Two days after I needed them I found them in the same place everybody finds anything they’ve lost, the last place I looked.  But what should have been the first or maybe second place to look, the bottom of the bedroom closet.  Underneath a dress I started making for Lori a couple months ago and never finished because I only know how to look at boobs and not make clothes that fit them … I digress.

Skating was amazingly fun, just like I had thought it would be.  Lori even had fun, which is awesomely unexpected seeing as she is, or better yet was, afraid of skating.  It was supposed to be retro night, which just means they play mostly old music.  I dressed normal of course, in my favorite polyester pants which I later went on to rip during an impromptu barrel roll going around one of the curves.  Lori looked sad leading up to Friday because she doesn’t have anything retro looking to wear, so I made her these pants.  Neither of us know what era we look like we are from, or if anything is cohesive, but at least we had fun and were comfortable in our awesomeness.  Plus, there was a guy there in an MTV t-shirt and bell bottoms, which I’m pretty sure it from two different times, so we’re good in whatever.

I made lori these pants to roller skate in on Friday.  They k... on Twitpic

We are still in pain from skating.  It turned out to be a workout.  A fun one though.  So we will definitely be doing it again, very soon.  Hopefully after the pain subsides for a day or so though, so I can remember what it feels like to not hurt.

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